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Dogs and Cats rely on our expert groomers to make them the talk of the town! Regardless of size, breed or coat type we all need to be groomed regularly. Regular grooming can prevent problems such as skin and paw disorders, excessive shedding and painful matted coats. We will help you identify any issues on your initial consultation and provide solutions that will make your pet healthier and happier. Please see our menu below of services we currently offer.

Please note: We ask a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice (during peak seasons) for reservations that include a full haircut. Of course we are happy to add your pet to our “wait list” in case of last minute available appointments. Thank you!

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Package #1
Our all inclusive grooming package includes the following: a relaxing bath and blow dry, full haircut or FURminator® treatment , all sanitary services (nails, ears & anal glands), plus teeth brushing.Prices start at $70
Package #2
This service includes our bath and sanitary services with a full haircut or FURminator® treatment.Prices start at $60
Package #3
Enjoy a relaxing bath and blow dry with a sanitary trim, nails and ear treatments.
*Add anal glands for only $5
Prices start at $40

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Purrfect Package #1
Don’t forget the cat! Our feline clients will receive a soothing oatmeal shampoo, stress-free blow dry, full haircut or FURminator® treatment, pet-i-cure and ears cleaned.
*Price may increase with matted fur. Read more on matted fur here.
Prices start at $70
Purrfect Package #2
This basic bath package includes our oatmeal shampoo, stress-free blow dry and comb-out, pet-i-cure and ears cleaned. Sanitary trim on request.
Price may increase with matted fur.
Prices start at $50

á la Carte

(Pet-i-cure and Ear Cleaning services included in all grooming packages)
Nails can grow into a dog or cat’s tender pad and become infected or split, break or be torn off all together. A monthly trim is recommended for most pets.a la carte $10 (polish add $8)
Teeth Brushing
Available only for our canine friends, a gentle brushing of teeth and gums with yummy beef or poultry flavored toothpaste!
a la carte $12
Ear Cleaning
Regular ear cleaning and plucking when needed contributes to healthy ears, free of painful infections. Between grooming appointments pet owners should practice ear health maintenance and check their dog's ears at least once a week. a la carte $12
Anal Glands
Is your pooch scooching? This is an attempt to relieve the pressure and discomfort of full anal glands. Sometimes the anal gland secretions are not released naturally. This leads to thickening of the secretion and clogging of the duct. Oh, and it is stinky!a la carte $15
Brush Out
Recommended every 2-3 weeks for many breeds that are not combed at home, a full brush service will distribute oils from the skin throughout the coat and remove tangles and loose hair. Cats & Dogs receive a pet-i-cure and ear maintenance with this service.a la carte prices start at $20 Cat / $30 Dog

á la Sides

(available only with a grooming session)
Blueberry Facial
You giggle now but you will love it! For faces with lots of fluff or wrinkles, this is every parents dream. This hypo-allergenic face wash keeps faces smelling fresh for days! Add to your grooming session $5
Flea and Tick Treatment
Flea & tick treatments are recommended during warmer months and are available only with purchase of our Wash n’ Dry service for an additional charge. Fees are based on fleas! Remember for every flea found on them there could be over 100 in your home! Add: We will rid your pet of live fleas (even remove tics) then place them in an all natural citrus bath. Remember to treat your home while your pet is with us however ask your groomer about preventative treatments like *Frontline TM or *Natural Defense TM. *Products sold separately.Flea and Tick Treatment prices start at $5
FURminator® Treatment
Love Your Pet, Hate the Shedding?®
This treatment is designed to drastically reduce shedding. Within one or two treatments the Furminator® has been proven to reduce shedding up to 60 - 80%.
This treatment is only offered in conjunction with a bath or haircut. Add approximately 45 minutes to the grooming session.

Read more about the FURminator® here.

FURminator® Treatment prices start at $20.
Due to pet and pet parent allergies, our shampoos and conditioners are 98% FRAGRANCE FREE. If you would like to add a coat-freshening cologne to any grooming service, please just ask!