Don’t Shop, Adopt!

If you call asking if we sell puppies, you will be given the phone # to the Burbank Animal Shelter. Want a certain breed and feel you can only buy that breed in a store?  Contact a breed specific rescue group!  One in every four dogs in an animal shelter in the United States is a purebred. Not only are you likely to find a great dog or cat, you’ll also feel great about helping a homeless pet find a loving home. Most pets lose their homes because of “people” reasons, such as cost, lack of time, lifestyle changes (new baby, divorce, moving, or marriage), or allergies and not because of something the pet has done. More and more pets purchased from stores have health issues from day one. Please help stop bad breeders.  If you buy from a breeder, do your homework! Check out .

Need to run to the grocery store? Please visit and learn how shopping at Ralphs can help the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.

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