à la Resources

á la Mutt is honored to know many people and businesses within the community. I would personally recommend the following for the service(s) they provide. They are not paid advertisers, they are quite simply friends. I hope that you might be able to reach out to them for whatever need you may have for I have and they always come through.

Sincerely, Laurie

Veterinary Services

Sharp Pet Hospital www.SharpPetHospital.com

Train, Walk or Sit…

Adelita  818.559.5482 or www.GoodDogK9Training.com

Claudia Gil Walker/Sitter  P: 818.763.7291

Pet Boarding

Hollywood Dog Training School (boarding Dogs and Cats) www.HollywoodDogTrainingSchool.com

the Perfect Parrot (Bird Supplies, Grooming & Boarding)  www.thePerfectParrot.com

Potty Box Solutions (as seen at a’ la Mutt)

Doggy and the City  www.doggyandthecity.com

Pet Portraits or Photography

Frank Bruynbroek Photography www.compawssion.com

Animal Shelters

East Valley Animal Shelter www.laanimalservices.com/

Burbank Animal Shelter www.thevbas.org


Local Faves & Friends…

Good Eats & Drinks

Sweetsalt Food Shop www.sweetsaltfood.com

Patys Restaurant  www.patysrestaurant.com


Sheri Wegand www.SheriWegandSellsHomes.com

Book Keeping

Andre’ Moradi  www.NewFinancialGroup.com

Website Design

Marty, ruler of this very website can be reached at www.InterestFactory.com